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Mastery sushi chef quality from Japan

Bluefin tuna Sashimi

Japanese professional quality

This is true

Weekly flights from Narita airport to YVR

Direct from Toyosu Market

The freshest uni and seafood, delivered to your door

Fresh Fruit & Produce

Real Wasabi

Grown in Shizuoka's clear water streams

Welcome to Bamboo world

Japanese traditional crafts that have continued for over 2000 years.

Fresh Seafood

We partner with local fishermen and participate in Toyosu Market's daily auctions to get you the highest quality seafood.

Air Shipping

Fresh seafood is immediately loaded onto a temperature controlled aircraft operated by ANA or JAL, arriving at YVR in only 8 hours.


Once the seafood is unloaded from the aircraft, your order will be delivered to your door. We hope you will enjoy!

Chef's Choice

Seasonal Dinner Sets

Our convenient all-in-one sets are designed to engage everyone around the dinner table for a fun, communal experience.


Quality at the heart of each product

'Kodawari' is a word that embodies the Japanese spirit of pursuing perfection. It captures the passion, persistence, and uncompromising attention to detail that drives Takuya to select the highest quality seafood each week.

I'm a huge uni lover, and have tried buying uni from so many different online stores and Facebook groups. But after trying Takuya's uni, I just couldn't go back. It simply blew everyone else out of the water. I recommend Takuya's Aotobi nori with ensui uni - the seaweed alone is something I could write another review about, and the last time I had uni this good was at a 2 star Michelin restaurant in Japan.

Eric W.

I moved to Vancouver from Tokyo last year and started to miss the fish that my parents used to make at home. A coworker introduced me to Takuya-san, and now, you will always find his fish at our family dinner table! It is always a surprise to see what we will receive for the week, because I never imagined I could find such quality and variety of fish outside of Tokyo's high end restaurants.

Rina S.

Before discovering Orizumé and Tsukiji Selections by pure chance, I never imagined there could be so much variety to seafood. Thanks to Takuya, I have tried so many different types of fish that I didn't even know existed. As someone who always preferred meat over seafood, I think I've been converted. Even now, I can't wait to see what fish Takuya picked for me this month.

Joshua C.