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To share his love of seafood with you, Takuya hand-picks a fresh selection of the highest quality fish every week, and he hopes that you will enjoy them as much as he does. However, he also know that some expert foodies will want to explore and try even more seafoods!

Toyosu Market is full of Japan's rich culinary wonders (not just seafood, but also fruits and produce), and Takuya-san will be able to source any item that you are looking for on the auction floor. He has a lot of knowledge about the best season ('shun') for each species, fishing locations/towns, and varieties, so he would love to talk with you and share his passion for seafood. Just send him an email or use the contact form!

For example, if you are looking for the highest grade of uni that is exclusively found at Tokyo's top restaurants (these can go from $600-1000 per box), Takuya will get these for you at the auction. Or if you are looking for live kegani, he can arrange for them to be shipped from Hokkaido the moment they are pulled out of the water. If you are confident in your knife skills and have a lot of stomachs to fill, you could even try making sushi with a 3kg block of bluefin tuna.

If you're curious about how the whole process works, click here to learn more about the role of Toyosu Market (which acts as a central exchange location for seafood distribution in Japan) and how seafood reaches your door.

See below for examples and ideas of Japanese culinary wonders that you could try at home.


Caught among the rough winter waves in the Sea of Japan from November to March, adult male snow crabs are known as matsubagani. Its delicate flesh and characteristic sweetness has made it a quintessential winter delicacy.

Example preparations: sashimi, shabu shabu, sukiyaki, porridge, boiled, grilled, soup/broth

Hotaru ika・ホタルイカ

Famous for its mysterious glow at night, hotaru ika (firefly squid) from Toyama prefecture is a rare delicacy available only between spring and summer. At the height of their season, biting into one of these squids is like biting into an egg yolk. The heads of these squid are extremely rich, with a taste similar to tomalley.

Preparation examples: blanched, pasta, lightly battered/fried