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Questions about your order?

  • When will my order be delivered/ready for pick up?

    Please see this page for more information on delivery/pick up time slots.

  • How long will my seafood last?

    If you are ordering fresh/live seafood items such as uni, fish, and scallops, please keep everything refrigerated at all times (never freeze fresh seafood).

    For detailed storage and handling information, please refer to each product's info page (though we always recommend that you consume the seafood as early as possible).

  • Where does my seafood come from?

    1. Many products come from Toyosu Market (formerly known as Tsukiji Market), where the highest quality seafood from across Japan is auctioned every morning before sunrise.

    2. Other products are sent directly from fishermen or old connections who Takuya has personally known for years. These fish are caught-to-order in small batches, meaning their freshness is unmatched. (Most fish you see at the supermarket has been previously frozen and thawed for display, and even 'fresh' fish may have been sitting around for a few days already!) As soon as the boat returns to port, fish intended for sushi or sashimi are loaded directly onto a plane bound for YVR. Other types of fish are prepared as himono (a traditional drying method that enhances the natural umami of fish). After this process, the himono is extremely convenient to grill and tastes even better than fresh.

    3. Some fish is even caught in Takuya's hometown of Numazu, Shizuoka and prepared by his family friends! If you see them available, Takuya suggests you try them.

  • How is fresh seafood shipped from Japan?

    Takuya has extensive experience working in the seafood industry, consistently handling high-end fish when he worked as an auctioneer at Tsukiji Market (now known as Toyosu Market) for over 10 years. From logistical solutions like oxygen-regulated water tanks to traditional Japanese techniques such as ikejime, Takuya will draw on his expertise to deliver you the highest level of freshness and quality. To learn more about how fresh seafood travels from Japan to your door, click here for an interesting read.

  • What COVID-19 precautions are in place?

    A distance of 2 meters will be maintained at all times during delivery, and we ask that you wear a mask at the door. If you live in an apartment/shared unit, we will meet you outside of the front door/gate.

  • Why do prices for a product sometimes change?

    At Toyosu market, most products are sold by auction. Prices can fluctuate based on domestic producers' supply and restaurant demand. However, you do not need to worry about any of this: the price you see at checkout is the final price.

  • I'm looking for something not on the menu - can I make a custom order?

    Yes! Please click here for more information.