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Delicious Fresh Shirako (Special Japanese Set) - 生鮮白子と酢橘など薬味スペシャルセット


Included Items

  • 500g fresh shirako (cod milt) from Hokkaido
  • Fresh sudachi, a very unique and fragrant citrus from Tokushima
  • Light and crisp baby green onion sprouts from Aichi prefecture
  • A traditional Japanese pairing, kimoji oroshi, from Shizuoka prefecture
  • Umami-rich konbu from Akita prefecture
  • "Tsubu" ponzu (a perfect blend of daikon oroshi, citrus, and dashi) from Fukuoka
  • Salt, hand-made in the traditional Japanese way, from Fukuoka

※The package design depends on the catch situation. The package design may differ from the photo.

What is shirako?

Shirako, also known as milt, is a luxurious ingredient that is representative of winter Japanese cuisine. The height of shirako's season is during the coldest months of the year, from January to March. While there are many producers of shirako around the world, Hokkaido is the gold standard for Japan's top chefs because of its superior taste and quality.

Not only is it delicious, shirako is also extremely nutritious: it contains a large number of vitamins and essential nutrients, such as potassium and other minerals that are said to be good for clear skin.

Why cod shirako?

While there are many types of shirako out there, Takuya likes Hokkaido cod shirako because is very tasty and easily approachable for first-timers.

How to eat shirako?

There are many ways to enjoy shirako, such as dipped in ponzu, lightly fried in tempura batter, lightly seared/torched, or paired with other ingredients. This set contains many traditional pairings that will be perfect complements to shirako's unique taste profile. No matter how you prepare it, you will be able to enjoy its distinctive melt-in-your-mouth creaminess.

Shirako Ponzu Recipe

  1. Fill a bowl with water and add a generous amount of salt. The resulting salt water should be around 3% concentration (30g of salt per liter of water).
  2. Place the shirako in the salt water and gently rinse it by slowly moving it around (be careful not to apply too much force, so as to not break the shirako).
  3. If you are also making the konbu shirako-yaki recipe below, please set some shirako aside for that.
  4. Boil a new pot of water (also 3% salt concentration): add the shirako and boil for 2 minutes (there should be enough water depth to complete cover the shirako).
  5. Carefully remove the shirako from the water, making sure not to break it. Enjoy the shirako with the included ponzu sauce, green onions, kimoji oroshi, etc. We recommend that you eat it while hot.

Konbu Shirako-yaki (Konbu Grilled Shirako)

  1. Gently wash the shirako by following steps 1-2 from the recipe above.
  2. Rehydrate the included konbu in regular water for a few minutes (OPTIONAL: also add some sake to the water). Use the minimum amount of liquid needed - just enough to barely cover the konbu.
  3. Place the shirako on top of the rehydrated konbu sheets.
  4. Evenly sprinkle salt on top, and place in an oven/toaster oven.
  5. The estimated grill time for an oven is ~20 minutes at 400℉, or ~15 minutes in a smaller toaster oven. Once the surface has turned light brown or some char has appeared, your shirako is ready. If you have a blowtorch, you may also use it to add additional char.
  6. Enjoy while hot: squeeze sudachi juice on top or pair with the set's other included ingredients.
    Storage Refrigerated
    Consume by Within the same day of receiving


    • 新鮮マダラ白子500g 北海道産
    • 香り豊かな酢橘 日本徳島産
    • シャキシャキ芽ネギ 日本福岡産
    • 日本伝統の紅葉おろし 日本静岡産
    • 味わい深い昆布 日本秋田産
    • 特製橙ポン酢
    • 特製天塩







    1. 白子をボウルに出し、3%くらいの食塩水で軽く洗います。あまり強く洗いすぎると、白子が潰れてしまう為、優しく洗いましょう。下記の昆布白子焼も作る場合は、少しそちら用に切り分けておくと良いです。

    2. 沸騰したお湯(食塩水3%)に白子を入れて、2分間ボイルします。その際、白子が鍋の中で踊るくらい多めの湯でしっかり白子全体が浸っているかにご注意下さい。

    3. 湯から取り出し、セットのポン酢などを使いながらお召し上がり下さい。温かいうちに食べて頂くとより美味しいです。 


    1. 白子をボウルに出し、3%くらいの食塩水で軽く洗います。あまり強く洗いすぎると、白子が潰れてしまう為、優しく洗いましょう。セットの昆布を軽く洗い、その上に洗った白子を置きます。 

    2. セットの塩を万遍なく振りかけ、トースターやオーブンに入れます。

    3. トースターで15分前後、オーブンでは400℉(約200℃)で20分前後です。白子の表面が茶色く焦げてきたら完成です。

    輸送保管 冷蔵
    賞味期限 到着日に限る

    All fresh/live seafoods arrive by air once per week. Before placing your order, please refer to this page for the latest information on the next available delivery/pickup dates, weekly order cut-off times, and other important information.

    If you have any special requests or questions, please contact us

    How do you guarantee the freshness of my seafood? (Hint: it's much more than just using the fastest air shipping)

    Takuya has extensive experience working in the seafood industry, consistently handling high-end fish when he worked as an auctioneer at Tsukiji Market (now known as Toyosu Market) for over 10 years. From logistical solutions like oxygen-regulated water tanks to traditional Japanese techniques such as ikejime, Takuya will draw on his expertise to deliver you the highest level of freshness and quality. To learn more about how fresh seafood reaches your doorsteps, click here for an interesting read.

    To share his love of seafood with you, Takuya hand-picks a fresh selection of the highest quality fish every week, and he hopes that you will enjoy them as much as he does. However, he also know that some expert foodies will want to explore and try even more seafoods!

    Toyosu Market is full of Japan's rich culinary wonders (not just seafood, but also fruits and produce), and Takuya-san will be able to source any item that you are looking for on the auction floor. He has a lot of knowledge about the best season ('shun') for each species, fishing locations/towns, and varieties, so he would love to talk with you and share his passion for seafood. Just send him an email or use the contact form!

    For example, if you are looking for the highest grade of uni that is exclusively found at Tokyo's top restaurants (these can go from $600-1000 per box), Takuya will get these for you at the auction. Or if you are looking for live kegani, he can arrange for them to be shipped from Hokkaido the moment they are pulled out of the water. If you are confident in your knife skills and have a lot of stomachs to fill, you could even try making sushi with a 3kg block of bluefin tuna.

    If you're curious about how the whole process works, click here to learn more about the role of Toyosu Market (which acts as a central exchange location for seafood distribution in Japan) and how seafood reaches your door.

    See below for examples and ideas of Japanese culinary wonders that you could try at home.

    Why we launched Tsukiji Selections

    After moving to Canada, I realized that there were many people who wanted to eat authentic Japanese fish, but did not have the chance to try them. Through Tsukiji Selections, I wanted to share delicious fish with as many people as possible, because people feel HAPPY when they discover delicious foods!

    However, as much as tasty fish can make people happy, it can also be a huge burden on the environment. If we continue to capture a limited number of marine fish, the ecosystem will gradually collapse, making it impossible to return to its original balance. A huge part of my mission when starting Tsukiji Fish Market is to promote sustainable seafood. I want everyone to know that there are so many more types of fish out there, beyond the ones that people are already familiar with in BC. Adding these new fish to your diet not only makes a tasty addition to your family dinner table, but also diversifies our consumption patterns. If we are able to explore and enjoy an even larger variety of fish, we can reduce our strain on overfished populations.

    With sustainability in mind, I am committed to introducing a variety of high quality fish which are hard to find in Canada, so that more people become aware of the thousands of seafood species that they are missing out on.



    美味しい日本食を食べようとすると、なかなか本物 “Hon-mono” に出会う事ができない。バンクーバーでも、食卓で日本の味を気軽に愉しんでもらいたい、家族・友人で美味しさを共有してほしい、そんな想いが届けばとても嬉しいです。

    築地セレクションズは、本物 “Hon-mono” を取り入れられるようなライフスタイルに貢献したいという想いから、魚のエキスパートである築地セリ人の疋田が始めました。また、食育の基本は家庭です。セレクションズを通して、食卓から次世代への架け橋をお手伝いし、魚を食べる楽しみを未来に繋いでいきたいです。